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Crank Train Basic and Advanced, Dual Mass Flywheel, 3D Bearings
Crank Train

The Advanced Crank Train module allows the simulation of coupled flexural and torsional vibrations of crank trains as well as the entire power train with elastic or hydrodynamic journal bearings. The Crank Train Basic version enables a reduced torsional vibration analysis of the crank shaft.

Automated reduction from a fully flexural simulation model to a torsional vibration model
Engine characteristic definition by gas pressure input
Study of the hubload influence of FEAD or timing drives on the crank train through a coupled simulation

Dual Mass Flywheel

The DMF Advanced module offers complex multibody modeling for the dynamic simulation of Dual Mass Flywheels, as well as a reduced rheologic approach. The system includes all three common designs of the inner spring setup in one element.

Detailed dynamic model as a series of spring and mass elements with nonlinear and rpm dependent friction and geometry influence
Implementation of the Valeo CDMF as a SIMDRIVE3D customer element
DMF can be modeled as a combination of rheologic elements for fast studies
Advanced approach of a full 3D geometry modeling including bearings and flexplate flexural bending

3D Bearings

Simulation of journal bearings using the complex solution of the reynolds equation incorporating an EHD approach or of simple elastic bearings with damping proportional to velocity for linear elastic mount of shafts.

Simulation of ISO ball-bearings through calculation and evaluation of pressure condition and dynamic behaviour in dependency on geometry and load.

Direct solution of the equation in time domain considering oil drillings and tilting under dynamic load
A significant less time consuming approach available using a precalculated data map

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