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"High Standard Solutions for the Virtual Product Development Process in Power Transmission Engineering"

Structural Analysis & Dynamics

The Structure module allows the integration of structural mechanics into the SIMDRIVE3D environment. It enables the powerful functionality of combining stresses with real time results of the MBS-Simulation in order to determine the coefficient of safety and the weakest point in the structure. The parametric web and geometry optimization delivers a vastly enhanced development process. With the possibility of creating BEM meshes, it features a swift calculation of inertia tensors of various elements. By linking the BEM Structure to a MBS model, the dynamic stress behavior can be determined with different calculation approaches.
Parametric Crankshaft

The Parametric Crankshaft is the basis for a structured approach in crankshaft web design, enabling a simple variation of a specific design element, such as fillets, base or pin diameters, shoulder or counterweight specifications. The combination with a powerful MBS-Simulation and a highly advanced stress analysis under realistic load condition simplifies the DOE-Process.

Effective way to create a complete crank shaft with high detail
Fatigue limit assistant with material data base and consideration of construction and gradient influence
Modern and revolutionary analysis algorithms for the cycle stress tensor
Simple parameter variation and system optimization

BEM Rotary Connector

The BEM Rotary Connector is applicable for the setup of shafts used in transmission or drive line and torsional vibration dampers. The automation of the transformation into an MBS-Model enables a faultless setup of an accurate simulation model.

Detailed depiction of rotary elements such as shafts through sectional calculation
Comfortable editing of the contour using the CSketch-2D-Editor
Comprehensive import function from point-to-point description or the ISO STEP format file

BEM Spring

The BEM Spring depicts a highly accurate approach to create a structural model of a spring: Starting with an automated process to create a MBS-Model, using the displacement of a time domain simulation for the calculation of stress within the spring to predict the life cycle.

Geometry definition of the surface mesh using precise design parameters
Illustration of the displacement and stress on the spring surface

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